Geek wedding

Make your wedding day truly special with these unique and geeky ideas. From themed decor to personalized touches, discover how to add a touch of geekiness to your special day.
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A little Star Wars in the cake toppers, a little SuperWhoLock in the DIYed bouquet, and a whole lot of pie, paper flowers, and photo booth shenanigans. This wedding even had a taco bar. But our favorite parts were the movie posters redone with the bride and groom. So epic.

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galaxy wedding ideas of all time. The force is strong here and we've created a HUGE guide for geeky weddings! From invites to wedding favors, here's how to plan a sci-fi inspired wedding for nerdy couples that is the biggest on this side of the galaxy! Enjoy!

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You know you've found that special someone when they look you in the eye and say "darling, I think we should have a Warcraft-themed wedding". Well, if you like Warcraft that is. Otherwise it might be time to reconsider your future together. Fortunately the brides and grooms in these pictures didn't face that kind of awkward scenario, because as you can see, these happy couples share one very important thing in common: they're all total geeks. See for yourself in this list of awesome…

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Sam and Stu met at college and bonded over a mutual love of video games, "primarily how to get the knights of the round summon in Final Fantasy 7!" Sam laughed. So needless to say, when it came to tying the knot, the very thing that brought them together was to be the theme of the wedding. " We’re game geeks to the core! We wanted sleek quirky bright design with our gaming interest being the centre of it. We play tabletop RPG’s, board games and regular old video games."

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