Embark on an exciting adventure with geocaching, the modern-day treasure hunt. Use GPS coordinates to find hidden caches and unlock the mysteries of your surroundings. Start your geocaching journey today!
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Start Geocaching • British Columbia Magazine

If you’re looking for an interesting activity that will get you outside, consider taking up geocaching! This real-world, outdoor treasure-hunting activity has captured the attention of people around the world. In its most basic form, all you really need to get started geocaching is a GPS or a GPS-enabled smartphone. You can go to and register for a free basic membership. Once you log in, type in your postal code and this will bring up the co-ordinates for geocaches […]

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Hiding Your First Geocache: 5 Things You Should Know

You’ve discovered this thing called geocaching, and you’re hooked, right? You think you’re ready to try your hand at placing your own first hide? That’s great! There is truly no such thing as too many geocaches hidden out there somewhere. I get excited every time I get a new publication notification, because that means there’s…

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Geocaching secrets and ideas!

What is geocaching? Geocaching is an outdoor activity which combines orienteering with treasure hunting and puzzle solving- essentially you use a GPS signal (in most cases the geocaching phone app) to locate a ‘box’ or other such container which along with containing a logbook to document who has found it, may also contain ‘treasure’ aka trinkets and other such items that you can swap or replace with your own. It is a more developed form of ‘letterboxing’ which was and remains to be a common…

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