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Explore a curated collection of exquisite handmade boutique items that are sure to impress. Discover the perfect piece to add a touch of elegance and individuality to your style.
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Shannon here and I'm baaaaaack for another installment of Boutique Basics where I help boutique owners learn the business of owning a boutique! This week we are going to be discussing something we get asked about a lot and we all HATE figuring it out: pricing products properly. So let's put our big girl pants on as well as our thinking caps and get down to business. I suggest you don't just skim over this article either; get out some paper and a pencil and really work on this. You will be…

Renee Muma
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It’s finally here!! It’s time to buy your inventory!! Purchasing inventory is a lot of fun, but surprisingly, it can be quite challenging. Any established boutique owner can tell you that buying inventory can be the best part of your day, or the biggest thorn in your side. A lot of t

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