Hiking with Kids

Explore the great outdoors with your kids through these fun and adventurous hiking ideas. Discover family-friendly trails, tips, and activities to make your hiking trips memorable and exciting.
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I'm ready for my kids to be long distance hikers. I realize they are still little (8, 6, and 4 years old) but I MISS hiking. Pre-kid and even when Rachel was little and would fit in a backpack, we would take a Saturday and do 8-13 mile hikes OVER mountain passes. It was glorious. Even better will be…

Delilah Conine
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Hiking with a baby can seem intimidating especially with all the gear that comes comes along with that tiny human. But you might be surprised at how few things are actually essential for hiking with a baby. I'm going to share what I have used most often on the hikes I've gone on with my

Alyssa Summers

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