Horse head

Embrace your love for horses with these unique and stylish horse head decor ideas. Add a touch of equestrian elegance to your home or office with these captivating designs.
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I love animals. Especially horses and puppies. So, except for 1 momentary lapse in judgement, animals are what you will see here. None of the photographs contained here-in are mine. Well, perhaps one or two. Where possible, I try to credit the photographer as well as the source from whence it came. Occasionally I come across a photo with no available information, but it is too wonderful to not post. If I have posted something that the owner wishes I didn't I will gleefully remove it. I do…

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This Photographer Captures Wild Animals In Intimate Portraits (60 Pics) Horse Face, Horse Head, Horse Photos, Horse Pictures, Horse Canvas Painting, Andalusian Horse, Horse Drawing, Horse Portrait, Wild Creatures

Wild animals, though magnificent, usually can only be watched by us from afar. Which is why pictures taken by Pedro Jarque Krebs leave such a big impression. The award-winning Peruvian photographer captures different species of wild creatures in a way that feels very up close and intimate. It wouldn’t be too hard to mistake these portraits for paintings!

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