Human emotions

Explore the complexity of human emotions and learn how to nurture and manage them effectively. Discover tips and techniques to enhance emotional well-being and build healthier relationships.
Categories of emotion as defined by facial expressions. It's good knowing this when you have a caricature you're carving. I really enjoy crossing over the lines and mixing two of these together. Drawing People, Draw, Drawing Faces, Figure Drawing, Animation, Face Drawing, Face Expressions, Drawing Reference, Art Reference

The six primary emotions of anger, disgust, fear, joy, sadness, and surprise may be a pretty simple way to boil down our emotions. We are much deeper than that and as we grow we learn to control these emotions in various ways. The first way is by controlling the intensity. If you watch a baby you will find an increase in the intensity of emotions for example from concern to anxiety to FEAR to terror. I look at a baby and I see concern in his eyes, as I get closer I can see anxiety as he…

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