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Discover the synergy of captivating images and powerful words. Explore how visual and verbal expression can create impactful and compelling experiences.
Geloy Concepcion | Vogue Italia

With "Things You Wanted To Say But Never Did" Filipino artist Geloy Concepcion started a collective project that gives new life to discarded images exposing our most intimate thoughts, fears and hopes, creating some of the most powerful images on Instagram

35 Examples Of Creative And Meaningful Typography Art | Design Inspiration Inspiration, Hold My Hand, Words, Parole, Word Art, Unity, Resim, Text Art, Ad Hoc

Typography is one of the most creative art which blends silhouettes,shapes,3D and illustrations with words and letters.This is not only the technical creation but also you can see the deep meanings and especially these kind of typography tells so many things to us. Today i want to share 35 beautiful and at the same time

Chanel Jackson
Embroidered Subversive Collages By Artist Jose Romussi Collage, Textile Art, Fibre Art, Art Photography, Portrait, Design, Art And Illustration, Artsy, Artist

Chilean artist Jose Romussi creates intricate collages using embroidery. In his latest series ‘#Anti-Serie‘, the images feature fashion portraits that look like they’ve been scribbled over with markers at first glance. In reality, the words and drawings were woven in with multi-colored thread, which is Romussi’s prefered medium “to merge different time spaces”. In a […]

Miss Sz