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See the Sizzle: Infrared Photos Reveal the Brutal Urban Heatscape - Wired Science Thermal Imaging Camera, Urban Heat Island, Heat Map, Thermography, Project 8, Day Trading, Greenhouse Gases, Green Roof, Urban Area

When summer temperatures rise to uncomfortable levels, cities take a bigger beating than the rest of the landscape. This urban heat effect is especially brutal in big, dense, concrete-dominated cities like New York. Armed with a thermal imaging camera that detects infrared radiation, artist Nickolay Lamm spent the day in NYC capturing the city's heat signatures on August 15, 2013. The results are a compelling illustration of what it feels like to be there in the summer.

Snakes have two sets of eyes. One set is the normal eyes that you see, and they detect color quite well. But they also have vision pits that detect heat and “see” living creatures like an infrared detector. ~ #Alien #Vision #Eyesight Vision Eye, Snake Eyes, Light Colors, Colours, Art Logo, Infrared, Embroidered Friendship Bracelet, Visions, Alien

Recent scientific investigation has revealed an amazing world of vision diversity in animals. Like the dragonfly - its brain works so fast that it sees your movements as if in slow motion. Or the pigeon - which is capable of detecting more subtle gradations of color than the most advanced computer program.

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