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Hey guys ! I've been struggling for a while now on this guy... That's why I'm hopping finding a hero among all of you ! I want to model produrally this mushroom shape. I try different approaches, but so far nothing successfull. The thing Im struggling the most is to get those smaller leaves along...

Crystal Gourdine
Self Reflected - A First Look Brain Art, Brain Science, Science Education, Physical Education, Logo Camp, Greg Dunn, Brain Pictures, Neuroscience Art, Gold Leaf Prints

Taking nearly two years to complete, artist and neuroscientist Dr. Greg Dunn, along with his collaborator Dr. Brian Edwards, have mapped the neurons in the brain for a series of images titled Self Reflected. Produced through a technique they call reflective microetching, the two cross-disciplinary artists track the neural choreography in the mind, creating brilliant images that glow with a metallic luminescence. The works depict a thin slice of the human brain at 22x the normal scale, each…

Ann Sciabarrasi