Kiln firing

Learn how kiln firing can transform your pottery creations. Explore different techniques and tips to achieve beautiful and durable results for your ceramic artworks.
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If you have ever worked on any pottery projects, you will surely know the importance of a kiln to get a specified temperature. No wonder a kiln is one of the most secure and suitable options to maintain the temperature for the pottery projects. Most people think it is tough to build a kiln. But you can make it effortlessly with a suitable DIY kiln plan. So, find these 25 inexpensive and practical homemade diy kiln ideas to build your own kiln for pottery and other DIY projects. No doubt, the…

Cynthia Kitch Reid
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Firing a kiln can be an exciting and terrifying experience. The vision of fire truck sirens and billowy smoke is enough to keep you awake at night. Will I burn down the school? Will one hundred student artworks explode into smithereens? Why did they not teach me how to do this in my college ceramics class!? This post is a compilation of my advice and …View post to subscribe to site newsletter.

Leigha Kilmer