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Enhance your knitting skills with step-by-step videos and tutorials. Discover exciting projects and master new techniques to create beautiful knitted items.
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Picking up a cable needle for every twist and braid in a pattern can really slow you down. Fortunately, when it comes to small cables - think 2/2 cable - there's a way to knit them without a cable needle that is both simple and speedy. With this trick, you'll fly through those cable knits!

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This digital Knit Stitch Pattern E-Book gives you 50 unique hand-knit stitch patterns. These are all great for beginning knitters since they use only the simplest knit and purl stitch techniques. Large color photos help you envision each texture while designing your own knitting projects. Easily understand exactly how to create each texture stitch-by-stitch with chart diagrams and written instructions to knit both flat and in the round. Patterns in this book are organized by their row…

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