Macro fotografie

Explore the fascinating world of macro photography and learn how to capture stunning close-up shots of flowers, insects, and more. Discover tips and techniques to enhance your skills and create breathtaking images.
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The term “macro photography” is used to describe photography of small objects at larger than life sizes, usually five times or more. While many folks stick to insects and flowers (understandably!) macro photography can be applied to almost anything. Buttons, fabric, water drops, eyes… you name it! Here, we’ll look at 10 beautiful macro photos:…

Barbara Nuñez
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When we seek the unknown, we gaze at the stars, imagining all of the wonders they're hiding. But there's a whole universe at our feet, just waiting for explorers. Don Komarechka from Barrie, Ontario, Canada, is one of them. His macro photographic adventures reveal a deeper understanding of how everything works, even the ones we cannot see with our own eyes.