Monster design

Unleash your creativity with these captivating monster design ideas. Discover how to bring your monsters to life and make them the stars of your projects.
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With over 800 participants who took part in the Character Design challenge, it’s almost needless to say that narrowing it down to our final winners from the mass of very talented and creative designs was a difficult task for our judges. Challengers had to design 10 unique characters from an ancient civilization. Each character needed to tell […]

Josephine Ohm
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🍀 JINMENJU, THE SAP YOKAI 🌳 Jinmenju is an enigma whose fruits bear the emotions of the dead. This ancient spirit has, for eons, been infesting the Millenium tree to a point where it materializes as its very blood— sap. Its elixir wells deep within the depths of the earth. It marches through lands seeping arcane memories, looting spoils of war hidden amongst blood-spilled soil. Laying dormant beneath the ground are mixed, minute consciousness of humanity's last beat - joy, agony, fright…