Movie Mistakes

Discover the most common movie mistakes that will make you question your attention to detail. Learn from these errors and become a more observant movie watcher.
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Bloopers are sometimes good for a film! Even the most famous and iconic heroes and blockbuster directors can miss their lines and directions. But it's completely okay if things don't go as planned even if they are professional and talented. Because these bloopers and mistakes sometimes can result in the most amazing and exceptional scenes.

Jeanette Goff
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It's been 24 years since Titanic came out and blew our minds away! It's the favorite romantic movie of teenagers and even adults. Witnessing huge success, Titanic got various awards because of its cinematography, storyline, and awesome production. However, every good thing has some shortcomings associated with it. You may think, what's wrong with Titanic?

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Though hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of people work on the production of major motion pictures, so it's inevitable that sometimes mistakes slip through the cracks and make it through the final edit. Some of the biggest blockbusters in history include oversights, false information, and other snafus that apparently went unnoticed on the cutting room floor. Keep reading to see the funniest, weirdest, and annoying hidden mistakes that you likely haven’t noticed in some of your favorite…

Laura Foster
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The Harry Potter franchise has extended to 7 books and 8 movies, creating quite a following of the entire Harry Potter universe. With such avid watches of the films, it is no wonder that the small mishaps and plot holes do not go unnoticed by fans of the magical world.Here are some of the mistakes and flaws in the plot that generally go unnoticed, except by those fans that have quite a sharp perception.


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