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Entdecke kreative Nailart Ideen, um deinen Look im Herbst aufzupeppen. Verleihe deinen Nägeln mit diesen inspirierenden Ideen einen herbstlichen Touch.
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I do not possess the linguistic capacity to express the “awesomeness” of this nail polish. But for you, I’ll try. Birefringence is a jaw droppingly beautiful polish that effortlessly stops people in their tracks. Planning on having a meaningful face-to-face conversation with a friend? Plan on an abrupt derailment as soon as he/she notices what your nails are up to. Remember though, it’s not their fault; you were warned! Birefringence shifts through an array of incredible blues, purples…

Olga Dalman
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♥ Glow Worm is AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS! It's a Neon Green with a stunning red, pink, orange, yellow, gold shine/shimmer throughout this polish. The primary color is a neon green with a stunning hot pink/red shimmer at all times and will shift throughout all the different colors listed as shown in the photos! It looks different in all different lighting situations... indoors and outdoors! GLOWS UNDER UV BLACK-LIGHTS Glow Worm is available in both Regular & UV Gel Formulas! This allows you to be…

Hannah Allen