Elevate your home decor with stunning needlepoint creations. Find inspiration and ideas to add a touch of elegance and artistry to your living space.
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Today in our Canvas Conversations Series, I am excited to introduce to you fellow stitcher, Laura Shih. Inspired by a close friend and long-time needlepointer, @stitched_af, Laura began stitching during the pandemic, as many did. She grew up in Bethesda, MD, and attended New York University. She is currently a Senior Account Manager at Amazon Ads, but outside of work her main

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Below, you will find the threads I used to stitch the Queen of Hearts canvas. The canvas is painted on 18 mesh, so I recommend using my favorite fiber to stitch on 18 mesh - Pepper Pot Silk. For added sparkle, I love using gold kreinik to make the canvas pop! The canvas is ornament size, so you don't need a ton of fiber. One skein of each color will be more than enough. Fiber Recommendations: Pepper Pot Silk Cream 003 Peppermint 015 Pink Lemonade 013 Chili 017 Kreinik #12 Braid Aztec Gold…

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Needlepointing is a labor of love, where you create pieces of art that are meant to be treasured for many years. In order to ensure your needlepoint piece has a nice, long life, it is important to use stitch techniques that make it structurally sound. The higher the coverage, the more sturdy your piece will be! Tent stitches are the most basic needlepoint stitch, and are the only stitches you need to complete any needlepoint project. One tent stitch diagonally covers one intersection of your…

Teresa Watkins
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Needlepoint is a great hobby for those who like to work with their hands. It's also a great way to unwind and get creative — but it can also be frustrating! If you're new to needlepoint, or if you want to learn more about the process, in our blog you can find some tips and tricks that will help you make smoother stitches.


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