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Quest camelot (western animation) - tv tropes, Quest for camelot (also known as the magic sword) is an animated film released by warner bros. Description from I searched for this on Fandom, Disney Girls, Films, Disney Films, Disney Animation, Disney, Childhood Movies, Disney Animated Movies, Disney And Dreamworks

Your Favorite Arthurian Heroine, Quest for Camelot's Kayley - Hasbro 1997 Quest for Camelot is a classic tale of a young girl who dreams of big (boyish) adventure. In this case, Kayley wants to be a Knight of King Arthur's Round Table like her father Sir Lionel. She gets her adventure when Excalibur is stolen from King Arthur by a griffin and accidentally dropped deep in the Forbidden Forest. This plot sets the scene for an adventure where brains and wit win over brawn any day. I always like…

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