Norwegian christmas

Experience the enchantment of a Norwegian Christmas with traditional decorations, festive recipes, and heartwarming traditions. Discover the beauty and joy of this magical holiday season.
Christmas in Norway is so, well, Norwegian! But it's not Christmas until .... Destinations, Country, Trips, Sweden, People, Inspiration, Alesund, Amigurumi Patterns, Christmas Travel

It’s that time of year again - when Norway is at its darkest, but also its most magical! I love Christmas in Norway, and I love how perfectly Norwegian Christmas here is. Even before I moved to Norway my family usually spent most of our Christmases in Norway, because all of my mother's family lives here.

Diane Bandonis
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My ancestral roots and my love for St. Lucia Day get me thinking about Scandinavian Christmas books every December...So I was thrilled when I received my Chinaberry Christmas catalog in November and saw a new children's Christmas book about a little girl from Norway on their cover!!! I knew I had to see the inside of this book, so I immediately sent off an email to the publisher and could barely wait until I received my review copy - which I am excited to be offering to you as a GIVEAWAY…

Jacqueline Marie