Observational drawing

Improve your drawing skills through the practice of observational drawing. Explore essential techniques and exercises to enhance your ability to capture the world around you.
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[Guest post by André Wee in New York City] Scribbling and dotting into a sketchbook, while trying not to make a scene, has become an almost daily activity for me while commuting between Manhattan and Brooklyn. Over the past 2 months, I have started turning my train ride into my own ‘private’ drawing playground. […]

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Directions:Find at least 4 objects that are basic forms (squares, cones, circles, cylinders).Set them up in an interesting composition with 1 light source.Create a pencil drawing from direct observation.Include a background and fill the whole page.Use a full range of values to illustrate chiaroscuro.Pyramidal (triangular) shaped compositions work

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by Lynne Chapman, Sheffield, UK I’m still working hard on my book. I’m currently writing a chapter about the complications of sketching people, who are, of course, inclined to move about. It’s a problem. Even if they are pretending to be still, it never lasts. People are basically fidgets – you just have to read the […]

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