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"Soma Goddess" - An 16x20 poster print of an original painting by Emily Balivet. Soma is an ancient intoxicating drink frequently mentioned in the Hindu Rig Vedas. Prepared from a mysterious plant and used in Vedic ritual, it was believed to be the ambrosia of the gods and granted immortality. It has been suggested that Soma may have been hallucinogenic mushrooms. Soma literally means "body" in Sanskrit and unites the holy trinity of mind, body, and spirit. Printed on matte Kodak Endura…

Jaz McGrath
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DAILY PAGAN RITUAL IDEAS Making time for rituals is important to every pagan. So how are we suppose to find time to honor the old gods when most of us work 40+ hours a week, go to school, have houses to run and try to have some kind of a social life? That's easy. We make time. Here's a few ideas you can try working into your daily life: 1. Give an offering of incense. Use plant properties from within the incense that correlate to your chosen deity(s) and leave your gods an offering. Like…

Travis Henderson