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Explore a variety of unique piercing ideas to express your personal style. Get inspired and find the perfect piercing that complements your individuality.
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Curious about microdermal piercings? We showcase some of the coolest piercings and explain all about the procedure, cost, and pain! Versatile and suitable for even hard-to-reach places, microdermal piercings are currently at the height of popularity. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about this type of piercing – from the microdermal […]

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@mankittattoo Eyebrow piercings and septum piercings might not be welcome at your workplace, but there is plenty that you can do with just your ear. More than 20 to be exact! With so many different types of ear piercings to choose from, plus the endless variety of ear bling, it can get a little overwhelming. […]

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