Plant based burgers

Discover mouthwatering plant-based burger recipes that are healthy and satisfying. Get inspired to create your own plant-based burgers and enjoy a delicious and nutritious meal.
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The Best Vegan Burger Recipe you say!? OH Yah it's a winner. These ultimate seitan based beefy vegan burgers are the best ever and made with a lot of love. I have been trying to make a juicy, won't fall apart, grillable delicious veggie burger recipe for ages now. I think I nailed it!

Sue Powers
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There are veggie burgers and then there’s vegan meat. And this homemade vegan meat burger recipe, a perfect blend of TVP and seitan seasoned to perfection, is most certainly the latter. They have an irresistibly meaty texture with a delicious flavor and a light pink center, thanks to a bit of vegan magic using beets. Perfect for the plant-based lifestyle on the go, they’re an easy recipe to make, freezer-friendly, and ohhh so satisfying!

Esther W
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This vegan butter burger is absolutely delicious. It can be made as greasy, gooey, cheesy comfort food ... there's also a healthier option without butter or oil and it's still delicious. Both versions are simple to make using commonly available ingredients.

Kim Ehrenhaft