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Polly Pocket is the main character in this series. She is voiced by Tegan Moss (2004-2006), and Sue Thorpe (2010-2017). She is 10 years old. In the original Spanish dub, she is voiced by Monica Valencia. She is the lead singer in Polly and the Pockets and also plays guitar. Polly loves helping people. She is also a active preteen girl, always moving around a lot. Even though her father is rich, she is incredibly kind to her friends and other people and puts her needs aside for others. Polly…

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Have 3 times with fun with this Wild Waves Play Pack featuring 3-inch Polly, Shani and Lila dolls. Each doll comes with a stylish swimsuit, skorts or shorts and shoes and surf or water-themed accessories. Polly doll comes with a rolling skateboard (place feet in slots), helmet and locket; Lila doll comes with a beach ball, lounge chair, bag and tablet; and Shani comes with a surfboard and floatie ring. Play out the surf and skate fun by mixing and matching activity accessories! For ages 4…

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