Realistic pencil drawings

Learn the techniques and skills to create stunning and lifelike pencil drawings. Explore top ideas to bring your artwork to life and take your drawing skills to the next level.

Graphite rendition of Ninõ. Sketchbook: Bienfang Bristol Vellum paper Media: STÆDTLER graphite pencils Earlier this year, I indicated that the theme of my portrait sketches in 2021 would exude more…

Emily Garrison
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When you learn about how to create pencil drawings then you can find out what is bird art and learn more about it as the kind of textured feel that pencil drawings create can be very good when drawing birds. Even looking at still life drawing ideas for inspiration can get you going on realistic animal pencil drawings.

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Learn to draw and sketch with these easy drawing tips. Read step-by-step instructions (with pictures) explaining how to draw what you see. If you want to be able to draw realistically, these 12 drawing techniques will help improve your drawing skills.

Sally McMellon