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Explore ways to create a sense of place and forge a lasting connection with your surroundings. Discover top ideas to infuse your space with character and evoke a true sense of belonging.
Portraits Drawn on Maps by Ed Fairburn via Portraits, Design, Art And Illustration, Portrait, Ed Fairburn, Artist, Artwork, Wassily Kandinsky, Portrait Drawing

Artist Ed Fairburn utilizes the chaotic patchwork of roads, trains, and rivers printed on maps as the framework for his large-scale portraits. Almost like a sculptor carving a subject from a block of stone, or a constellation highlighted in a clump of stars, Fairburn uses meticulous ink or pencil cross hatching to create portraits hidden amongst the topographical features. You can see much more of his work over on Facebook. (via artchipel) More

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Amazing "Woven" Photographs of Urban Life Landscape Photography, Architecture, Urban, Urban Art, Urban Landscape, Architecture Photography Buildings, Urban Environment, Urban Life, Architecture Photography

Sometimes when you’re walking the streets of a city, it starts to feel infinite, like the sidewalk will never end. But in the midst of such urban sprawl can also come feelings of claustrophobia — especially in a place like Seoul, which has seen its…

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