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Street art is a unique form of art as it is often an expression of someone’s opinion or reaction to ongoing events. It is also different from traditional painting because the environment has to be part of the art and the artwork cannot usually be transported from one gallery to another.

Mr Kingsley
Penmanship Alphabet 1800's school primer -This is the style of penmanship my grandmother used. She was born in 1890. Alphabet Cursif, Alphabet School, T Letter Design Alphabet, Cursive Alphabet Printable, Vintage Fonts Alphabet, Fancy Lettering Alphabet, Letter Diy, Preschool Alphabet, Spanish Alphabet

I warned you a few days ago that I'm a slow learner, and all the troubles I had with my bakery sign didn't teach me my lesson not to choose elaborate fonts to cut out on vinyl with my Silhouette machine. I truly expected this project to be a failure and probably be a total waste of time, but I felt compelled to try it anyway. Here's why. I bought an adorable 1895 school primer. It is filled with some

Jean Conlin