Skin therapy

Discover the best skin therapy techniques to achieve a healthy and radiant complexion. Enhance your skincare routine and unlock the secret to a glowing and youthful appearance.
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About this item Red Light(640nm): Great for blood circulation, improve damaged tissue to create a firm and smooth complexion. Blue Light(423nm): calms sensitive skin. Yellow Light(583nm): Improve exchange of skin, smooths skin, and reduces red area. Red blue yellow color plus infrared benefit,The package comes with stand and.Infrared Light: 810nm.(Light spot is Invisible) Any combination of red and yellow three basic colors generate seven colors.

DIY Facial Massage for Stress Free Skin | 100% PURE

A facial massage isn't just for pampering yourself. It increases circulation, collagen production and lymphatic drainage for firm, radiant skin. It also enhances product absorption, making it essential for every skin care routine.

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