Solar cooking

Discover the joy of solar cooking and enjoy delicious meals prepared with the power of the sun. Explore a variety of recipes and techniques to make your outdoor cooking experience more sustainable and eco-friendly.
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As an introduction, my wife, Denise, and I have been playing with solar cookers and ovens for awhile. Denise built a wooden one with a shop teacher, many years ago, when she was a Home Economics Teacher in Switzerland. The inside of the box was painted black. It worked well and the students had fun with it. We built one of the ovens from a cardboard box with the glass in the top, but it just wasn't durable. We also have two "Hot Pot" solar cookers and we really like those. If you are…

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Note: These guidelines have been developed by Solar Cookers International for solar box cookers and solar panel cookers. Recipes may need to be adapted when cooking with parabolic solar cookers, which cook at much higher temperatures. After a bit of experience, you’ll see how readily you can adapt your present cooking and baking to solar cooking. Using the solar cooker can actually reduce the total amount of effort in meal preparation. Also cooking outside in the summer allows you to…

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