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Entdecke faszinierende Stephen King Zitate, die dich zum Nachdenken bringen und inspirieren. Lass dich von den Worten dieses großartigen Autors motivieren und tauche ein in seine fesselnde Welt der Literatur.
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It's hard to stay positive and motivated when life gets you down. Check out these 40 profound quotes of encouragement from famous authors, philosophers, and inspirational speakers and allow their words to lift your spirits.

Emily Roderick
So what do you think I'm training my strength for??? The word assault is just based on a subjective "no". When the man says no it's assault already?? Funny Quotes, Humour, Murder Quotes, Psychotic Quotes, Stephen King Quotes, Sarcastic Quotes, Badass Quotes, King Quotes, True Crime

I was cursed/blessed with the ability to see the good in everyone, and I mean everyone. This has gotten me into sticky situations in the past and if I’m not careful, could destroy my future. In our fiction we allow our characters to trust their gut instincts. But in the real world, do we always listen to our gut? Or do we make excuses? Thus, making it easy for psychopaths to lure us into their deadly web. Imagine, if you will, that you find yourself single after ten years of marriage. You’ve…