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8 pics: Shading light on the artisans of Kumartuli – Mural by AFZAN PIRZADE in Kolkata, India | STREET ART UTOPIA Street Art Utopia, Street Art News, Wall Street Art, Murals Street Art, Street Art Graffiti, Street Artists, Rue, India Street, Sand Sculptures

Street Artist AFZAN PIRZADE By AFZAN PIRZADE in Kolkata, India for St+art India. Photos by Jay Upadhyay and Pratim Biswas. A previously non-descriptive wall is now a striking canvas for a looming mural dedicated to the artisans of Kumartuli. AFZAN PIRZADE: Kumartuli is a place that offers a unique dose of culture. The narrow maze of lanes and alleyways…

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StreetArtPedia: The world of street and public art New street art, public art, graffiti, urban art and murals from all over the world. Links and information under every photo. With help of artists on Instagram and StreetArtPedia. 1 By OG Millie in New York, US. More photos. 2 "Cecile’s house" by SETH in Paris, France. Location: 29 Rue Mouffetard.…

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Graffiti has always been a contentious topic in our society. On one hand, in many cases, graffiti is an act of petty vandalism. But on the other hand, walls and murals offer a broad canvas for artists that like to think big and create outside of the box. French artist from Marseille, France, Tom Bragado Blanco, also known as Braga Last One on the streets (and on his socials), is one of those few that belong to the latter group. And boy, does he know how to use a wall to create something…

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