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There are many benefits to being tall: people are likely to see you as a leader and this can mean you will earn more money. Even so, tall people can still have problems. Always hitting their heads and never knowing what to do with their legs are only some of the things that can make them feel like they’re giants that our small world simply wasn’t made for. We at Bright Side collected some pictures that show the struggles tall people face every day. Be sure to read until the end where we’ve…

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Here are hilarious photos of tall people problems that short people can't understand. Traveling through buses, cars, planes, and the worst part is always bending down to hear people that only tall people can understand. Being tall is the blessing but can also be a curse. - Page 2 of 5

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Tall People And Small Cars

The answer to what is the perfect height truly is a conundrum, just ask Alice about her time in Wonderland. When people are short they wish to be taller - but the people on this list, on the other hand, probably wish they could just take just a few inches off to make life simpler. Bored Panda has compiled a list of photos of tall people trying to perform ordinary tasks, travel, and just get through funny problems in a world that was not designed to accommodate their height.