Textiles techniques

Explore a variety of textile techniques to add creativity and uniqueness to your DIY projects. From embroidery to tie-dye, find inspiration for your next crafting adventure.
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Well, I love hand stitching, but having never done any form of drawn thread work before, I found this chapter to be a very steep learning curve. I read all the recommended books and still found it difficult to understand what was needed. I followed Sian's instructions, step by step, but when I looked at the blogs of other students who had completed this module, I felt that I was falling hideously short on creativity and independent thought. I had to engage my brain and experiment! 040601…

it's corn
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Finally finished my City and Guilds Level 2 and was fortunate enough to get a distinction with my final project being my large coral reef picture. It turned out to be more purple than I imagined with more of the mount showing than I wanted but I like purple so no harm done. There are many techniques used including heating lots of chiffon, Tyvek, Lutradur and 3D medium with a heat gun as well as hand stitching and beading. I have extended this work into different colours mounted on a canvas.