The best is the enemy of the good

Learn how to overcome the mindset of perfectionism and embrace the power of good. Discover strategies to find fulfillment and success by focusing on progress rather than perfection.
Let's not let the Perfect be the enemy of the Good! Inspiration, Bible Verses, Motivation, Quotes, Let It Be, Verses, Good Things, Don't Let, Words Worth

Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good- words to live by.It's not a coincidence that this is my first entry here. Is this space ready for what I'd imagined it to be? No. But there is no time like the present and it would be foolish of me to postpone launching it any longer simply because I haven't gotten around to creating this or that additional feature or content yet. I can improve it along the way and in the meantime I can use it to share with you things I've been so eager to…

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