Then and now

Explore the captivating journey of history through a mesmerizing comparison of then and now. Discover how time has transformed places, people, and traditions.
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For some of us, a change of image might be a huge step and we might need a lot of time to get ready for this. Our today’s heroes are celebrities who aren’t afraid to experiment with their looks. Sometimes they change a thing or two and look differently, but sometimes they decide to change almost everything in their looks and the results are just mesmerizing for us.

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These 10 Then And Now Posters Perfectly Describe How Life Has Changed For This Generation Social Media Poster, Social Media Branding, Social Media Design Graphics, Ads Creative, Creative Posters, Creative Advertising, Graphic Design Fun, Graphic Design Illustration, Train Illustration

A lot has changed in the last couple of decades. While the previous generations believed in playing outdoors, meeting in person and reading a book, today’s generation prefers doing everything virtually. Art’oholic has come up [...]

19 Famous Women Who Decided to Age Naturally, and Now They Look Better Than Ever Celebrities Then And Now, Celebrities Before And After, Actors Then And Now, Old Celebrities, Hollywood Celebrities, Beautiful Celebrities, Beautiful Actresses, Amy Madigan, Diane Keaton

The findings of a recent study shed light on the fascinating relationship between cosmetic surgery, self-esteem, and the aging process among women. This study, which examined the impact of cosmetic surgery avoidance on self-esteem as women age, revealed intriguing insights into how societal pressures and personal choices intersect with perceptions of beauty and confidence.According to the study’s results, women who choose to forgo cosmetic surgery experience a notable increase in self-esteem…

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