Traditional front doors

Enhance the entrance of your home with stunning traditional front door designs. Discover top ideas to create a welcoming and timeless look for your home.

Majestic's pattern of beveled glass, accented with gray shades, is the epitome of Classic design with choices of patina, nickel, or brass finishes.

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Your home’s entrance is the first impression you leave on your guests, setting the tone for what lies within. A captivating entrance wooden door design can make all the difference in transforming your home’s exterior into a visual masterpiece. In this article, we’ve curated a list of 18 spectacular wooden door designs to inspire you ... Read more

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Uncover a collection of stylish main door entrance designs perfect for elevating the appearance of your flat. From contemporary sleekness to traditional elegance, this selection offers creative and practical ideas to transform your flat's entrance into a statement of style and security.

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We call this the Minimal Indian House - ‘Minimal’, as there is no ostentation or decoration of any kind. Minimalist house design with traditional Indian elements, where the building elements like walls, floors, roof reveals, themselves as it is - walls are in stabilised mud blocks (Smb). Floor is natural Kota and the ceiling are filler slab roofing and the staircase treads are in Fossil Jaisalmer.


Double Doors With Sidelights offer a range of design possibilities to complement your home's architectural style. Whether your home features a classic, traditional design or a more contemporary aesthetic, we offer a diverse selection of door styles, materials, finishes, and glass options to suit your preferences and design vision. In this blog post, we will delve into the various aspects of double doors with sidelights, including their design versatility, the benefits of natural light, and…

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