Traveling with Children

Make your family vacations stress-free and enjoyable with these essential tips for traveling with children. Discover how to keep your kids entertained, comfortable, and safe on your next adventure.
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When you’re traveling with kids, simplicity, ease, and any tricks that can save time are everything. If you’re planning a family trip, you might be looking for some travel hacks to make the packing process, the flight or road trip, and the hotel stay less stressful. I surveyed some seriously experie

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Are you nervous to fly with your baby, toddler, or small children? I don’t blame you. Being trapped in a metal tube hurtling through the air with a kid who just wants to move and explore is a challenge, to put it kindly. Then there’s the enjoyable process of navigating airport security with a baby

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I used to pride myself in how light I could travel. I traveled to Russia for 2.5 weeks with simply a carry-on bag, and Mexico for a week with just a cross-body bag (I rewore the same clothes a LOT on that trip). It was nice to move through the world unencumbered by too much stuff. Then we had kids

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