Victorian terrariums

Transform your living space with these beautiful Victorian terrarium ideas. Create a miniature garden in a glass container and bring a touch of nature indoors.
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Bell jar style terrarium ad, from the book "Fern Fever" Collecting ferns and moss was quite the fashion for the Victorians, so much so that one might have called it an obsession. Fern enthusiasts traded and promenaded their fantastical ferns, going as far as making treks out to the wild to collect rare specimens. An over-enthusiastic, fern-seeker even tumbled to her death while reaching for an elusive cliff-dwelling specimen. Sarah Whittingham traces this phenomenon in her glossy book "Fern…

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It's been a while since I came here to share an EPIC antique find with you guys, but boy do I have one today to share! For this one we have to go way back to February when we went to California for a book signing at Barn House Chicks Market. The market was beautiful & it was an honor to sign copies of my book, Cozy White Cottage Seasons, at this beautiful venue. The vendors were to die for & of course little old me was pining to buy some antiques even though I knew I couldn't take the

Art by Desiree Senti