Yoga breathing

Learn how to deepen your yoga practice and achieve a greater sense of calm and mindfulness through the power of proper breathing techniques. Explore top tips and exercises to master the art of yoga breathing.
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There’s nothing as simple and powerful as the breath. It keeps us alive; it keeps us balanced, and if we can tap into it – it’s the one thing that keeps us connected to the present. Anyone who has ever graced a yoga or meditation class has been introduced to the importance of breath in spiritual practice. But, the breath can be its own practice when you turn to conscious breathing. Harness Spiritual Healing Healing breath is becoming big news. From Holotropic breathwork to the Wim Hof…

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Pranayama, with yama meaning control, uses specific breathing techniques to positively impact bodily systems and functions such as cardiovascular functioning, blood circulation to the brain, as well as metabolic and endocrine activities. Read on to find out more on how Pranayama breathing technique can help better and prolong your life! #breathwork #pranayama #yogateacher

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