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How Adam & Eve Sleep Linen Sheets, Linen Bedding, Home Bedroom, Bedroom Decor, Paint Shades, Adam And Eve, Cool Beds, Bed Pillows, Textiles

How Adam & Eve Sleep · Happy Interior Blog

I talked about the importance of sleep on my blog a few times. We all know that a good bed and mattress are crucial for a good night’s sleep. But also the bedlinen are incredibly important to enhance your sleep. After all it is the bedlinen that you will ‘engage’ with all night. Covering yourself, uncovering, hugging, cuddling – all of these are essential with your bedlinen (and partners, pets etc.). Thus it is not irrelevant what bedding you choose – think of natural materials, dies, think…

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Home Tour: Cozy Bedroom Styling · Happy Interior Blog

Since December last year I’ve been living in my new apartment. And I have not covered a room-to-room home tour so far. Blame it to many facts like missing pieces of furniture or last decoration projects. However, today I am inviting you to tour the coziest room of my new apartment: the bedroom. Even though I shared pics of my bedroom on Instagram and a few times here on the blog too, today I want to give you a full tour of the bedroom and its decoration. Let’s roll! Before I move to the…

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Urban Jungle book Talk & Bling Bling · Happy Interior Blog

Yeah that is a weird headline today, right? Well quite frankly I am a bit in a hurry today. I need to finish my packing, run some errands, and finalize a few projects at work. Not to mention the email inbox. Why all the hassle? I am off on vacation for a week. I should fly on Saturday but the usual shenanigans with strikes forced me to fast forward my trip to Friday. Hence one less day to finish everything, thus the hassle, ergo the crazy headline. Voila! I wanted to share a little interview…

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Modern Nomad Living · Happy Interior Blog

I was always drawn to the concept of modern nomads. Wait, I have to correct that. In the first instance I am truly drawn to nomadic cultures and their way of life. The Berbers, the Tuareg, the Bedouins and many more – their cultures are an incessant source of inspiration. Today our modern lifestyle of restless traveling has led to the adoption of the term nomad in a contemporary way. We travel, we work, we live in various places. Yet we come back to one home base from time to time. In this…

Shop the Look: Ceramics In Natura, Ethnic Patterns, Common Area, Decorative Items, Ceramics, Decoration, Interior, Happy, Modern

Modern Nomad Living · Happy Interior Blog

I was always drawn to the concept of modern nomads. Wait, I have to correct that. In the first instance I am truly drawn to nomadic cultures and their way of life. The Berbers, the Tuareg, the Bedouins and many more – their cultures are an incessant source of inspiration. Today our modern lifestyle of restless traveling has led to the adoption of the term nomad in a contemporary way. We travel, we work, we live in various places. Yet we come back to one home base from time to time. In this…

LRNCE offers a wide range of ceramics, textiles, home accessories and ready-to-wear products, all handmade in Marrakech, Morocco. Art Textile, Home Textile, Textile Design, Handmade Home Decor, Handmade Rugs, Textiles, Primitive Homes, Paperclay, Oeuvre D'art

Love Struck by LRNCE · Happy Interior Blog

Can you actually be love struck by a design label? Stupid question, right? Of course you can! Well at least I can. And recently I was love struck by a Belgian fashion label based in Marrakech: LRNCE. This cryptic name stands for the founders name, Laurence Leenaert, who founded the label back in 2013. Now I am not a fashion blogger but LRNCE has a fantastic range of home textiles and ceramics too. And those are a real ‘coup de coeur’ for me – love struck in the best sense of the meaning…

Shop the Look: Handmade plant pots from Iran Balcony Plants, Potted Plants, Garden Plants, Indoor Plants, Plant Pots, Beautiful Gardens, Beautiful Flowers, Gardening Photography, House Plant Care

Handmade in Iran: Khashkhash Plant Pots · Happy Interior Blog

My love for handmade pieces with a story is without limits. And if we talk about plant pots than my love thrives even more. When Philipp Liepelt, a Berlin based guy, dropped me a message on Instagram telling me the story of Khashkhash I was intrigued. Beautiful clay plant pots handmade by local families in the mountains and deserts of Iran – this short description already entails the promise of endless stories. However, let us first have a look at the story of Philipp and his label…

25 Easy Home Interior Design Tips That Anyone Can Implement – HomeDecorateTips Contemporary Home Decor, Modern Decor, Contemporary Design, Apartment Interior Design, Interior Exterior, Modern House Design, Modern Interior Design, Interior Ideas, Living Room Designs

Art + Plants with I Love My Type · Happy Interior Blog

Matching art with plants is a winning combination. In fact, matching anything with plants seems pretty ace to me. But I might be biased with my Urban Jungle Bloggers track I admit. Whatever your style is – cool Scandi, vibrant and colourful, or eclectic and boho – when you match adequate art with plants it simply looks stunning and accentuates a room’s styling. Today I have a very simple yet effective proof of that: I matched a poster from the new collection of Danish label ‘I LOVE MY TYPE’…

[En direct] Gift ideas for art & nature lovers - Happy interior Industrial Interior Design, Industrial Interiors, Home Interior Design, Interior Architecture, Inspiration Wall, Interior Inspiration, Best Interior Paint, Dark Interiors, New Room

Gift Ideas for Art & Nature Lovers · Happy Interior Blog

The festive season is in full swing here in Munich. I assume it is similar elsewhere. And every year there is the haunting question: What to offer as a Christmas present? Now in my case I can say my list of people who get a Christmas present is pretty short. Not because I don’t like to offer presents, but most people I know seem to have everything already. Still sometimes I do need some new gift ideas and I figured there are some of you out there happy to get a few more ideas too. So today I…

[On lit] Celebrating new beginnings! Non Alcoholic Sparkling Wine, Face Planters, Old Apartments, Minimalist Home, New Beginnings, Plant Hanger, Sweet Home, Creations, Houseplants

Celebrating new beginnings! · Happy Interior Blog

Cheers to new beginnings! Lately my life feels like an endless chain of new beginnings. All of this is utterly exciting but quite often pretty exhausting too. Moving apartments is just insane. There is so much to do, so much to organize, quite frankly at times it feels just too overwhelming. But as always in life, everything comes together after a while. For me the last weekend was an important moment: I moved my last bits and pieces from the old apartment to the new home. Time to cheer with…

How to seamlessly integrate your TV into your interior style. Or urban jungle for that matter. With 'The Frame' by Samsung. Interior Concept, Modern Interior, Interior Styling, Interior Garden, Apartment Interior Design, Interior Shop, Décoration Urban Jungle, Lavender Potted Plant, Cheap Patio Furniture

The Frame: How to seamlessly integrate a TV into interiors · Happy Interior Blog

Interior design and home decor lovers strive for beautiful, personal spaces. The choices of colors, textures, furniture pieces, and accessories are meticulously made. Quite often the appealing results are immortalized in photo shootings. However there is often one piece in the living room that troubles the visual harmony: the TV. Often cut out of photos, hidden, or simply removed, this big ‘black box’ has been a challenge for most interior designers and home decorators. But those times are…

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New Label with Wow Factor: WERA JANE · Happy Interior Blog

Sometimes all we need is a break. Luckily, Jane of the label WERA JANE had the same thought when she took a break from her studies. She freed up her time and started a passion project: designing lampshades. She started the label WERA JANE in Leipzig, Germany, and launched beautiful, handmade lampshades made of Italian thread. The lampshades are hand-woven and have interesting shapes resembling old UFO-form lampshades from the 1970s. And everything is really handmade – from the welding of the…

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Book Review: Sweet Belgrade · Happy Interior Blog

It’s been quite a long time since I made a book review here on Happy Interior Blog. Today I am happy to introduce you to a fantastic food and travel book entitled ‘Süsses Belgrad’ in German. In English the title translates to ‘Sweet Belgrade’ and that’s exactly what you will find in this book. My friend and food blogger Sara Plavic of ‘Birds Like Cake’ fulfilled a long lasting dream with this book. She takes us on a sweet trip to the Serbian capital Belgrade and reveals some of the country’s…

Gadgets Must Have 2018 # Different Light, Cool Gadgets, Kitchen Gadgets, How To Introduce Yourself, Cosy, Sweet Home, Throw Pillows, Cool Stuff, Simple

Light it up and get cosy with LZF · Happy Interior Blog

Where there is light, there is life. What applies mostly in nature, is not much different for us and our homes. Is there anything more simple and satisfying than warm light at home to make it cosy? Light some candles, switch on different lights and get cosy at home. I love to have multiple light sources in every room and today I want to introduce you to my latest addition: the Chou lamp by LZF. A variety of lighting sources emitting warm light is key to cosiness at home to me. Of course in…

My Xmas Playlist: Music Makes You Happy Old Christmas Movies, Christmas Tunes, Xmas, Make Happy, Are You Happy, Playlist Music, Stuff To Do, Sweet Home, Things To Come

My Xmas Playlist: Music Makes You Happy · Happy Interior Blog

All I want for Christmas is…a good Xmas playlist for the perfect festive atmosphere! Well now that I am settling in into my new home, it is time to get into the festive mood – last minute if you want so. I am a pretty old-fashioned chap when it comes to Christmas tunes I am afraid, so do not expect something too fancy and experimental. But if you like the good old classics, you will enjoy it together with me – cause music makes you happy! In December I usually get totally into the cheerful…

Living Room Decoration Ideas For The Black And White Lovers – Home Decor Crew Small Living Rooms, Living Room Sofa, Living Room Interior, Home Living Room, Living Room Designs, Living Room Decor, Modern Living, Luxury Living, Dining Room

New Home: Living Room Part 1 · Happy Interior Blog

As an interiors blogger I almost feel ashamed for not covering my new home so far. After all I’ve been living in my new apartment for two months now but things take time. It took time to move, to unpack, to design a new kitchen.… Read More