Environmental graphics by Gensler LA -

Wall of type signage. Love the jumbled messy feel of this particular signage design.

layered window graphics

Retail Window Display with layered graphics

Graphics on glass

Cool glass partitions giving the feel of an open office but cutting down on noise

Environmental Graphics by Atol Bertrand Dupuche, via Behance

Pattern Glass Environmental Graphics by Atol Bertrand Dupuche, via Behance

Dental INN / corporate architecture by Peter Stasek - Printed Vinyl Film

Dental INN / Stasek

Dental INN / Stasek- A vinyl design like this has so many different application options, what a fantastic design!

Glass Plus Film

Possible ways to frost glass to still allow natural light and feel open with some privacy.

Schlafmaske selber nähen

DIY-Anleitung: Schlafmaske nähen via DaWanda.com

Schattig Slaapmasker Zelf Maken (Create A Cute Sleeping Mask Yourself)

zeitungspapier geschenkverpackung selber machen und kleine geschenke schön verpacken

Geschenkverpackung basteln und Geschenke kreativ verpacken

I think these bags and this idea is so cute, I would love to receive the bag let alone a gift inside. Gammal bok blir presentpåsar – Turn old book into gift bags - DIY Home Project

Bar. Logo. Font. Layout. Design

Julian Bar Signage by jordan michael gray

New window film range by Tektura, yellow trees window film

possible pattern but not as bold as this on the glass partition?

Home Sweet Home...would be cool on a wall as decoration but wounds put it on glass

Beautiful signage

Seb Lester "Home Sweet Home" Front Door

Decorative Window Film Free Window Film Samples Window films for your needs. - White Leaf Decorative Window Film 50"(W),  (http://www.buydecorativefilm.com/white-leaf-decorative-window-film-50-w/)

BDF 4WHLV Decorative Window Film White Leaves

Decorative films, privacy window films, stained glass films, frosted glass and color tint films for glass doors and windows are easy to install yourself.


5 Examples of Creative Decorative Window Films

Nathalie Lete windows at Anthropologie,  2010

Nathalie Lete windows at Anthropologie~Image © Rachel.

More white ink onto our frosted window film - Frostbrite. Stunning. www.windowfilm.co.uk

More white ink onto our frosted window film - Frostbrite.