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Chi Rho (Labarum, Christogram)

chi-rho symbol- So no one is trying to take Christ out of anything when they say Xmas. They’re using a millennia old Christian abbreviation.

Christian homes in Iraq have been marked with the 14th letter of the Arabic alphabet “nuhn”, which is the abbreviation for “Nasara” - the Koranic Arabic word for Christian. It is derived from Nazareth, which is the town where the Lord Jesus lived, and the Arabic name for Nazareth is نَّاصِرَة “Nāsirah”. "...and he (Jesus) went and lived in a town called Nazareth. So was fulfilled what was said through the prophets, that he would be called a Nazarene." (Matthew 2:23)

This is the letter "N" in Arabic. It is being used to brand Christians in Iraq who are being persecuted and murdered by ISIS terrorists. The letter "N" stands for Nazarene. May the Lord move and the World take action.

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Monograms of Jesus. A monogram is one or more letters put together to form a symbol. Monograms date back to the first century and are among Christianity?s oldest symbols. Monograms that are connected to Jesus Christ (Chi Rho, etc.) are called chrismons.