Little Bedroom built-in a tiny home - love the platform bed, storage, sliding doors! // dan honey & paul fuog home. by sean fennessy. via the design files.


Living: Der Masterplan fuer den perfekten Kleiderschrank

Small space closet ideas from our organizing experts. Clever storage solutions and stylish closet alternatives for small spaces. Get creative and add both storage and style to even the smallest space. For more closet ideas go to Domino.

Das DIY Schlafzimmer in Wien

Home Design and Decor , Branch Decor Ideas For Home : Bedroom With Tree Wall Branch Decor Ideas Over Pallet Bed Frame With Nightstand

8 dreamy bohemian spaces that will make you swoon | Daily Dream Decor | Bloglovin’

8 Dreamy Bohemian Spaces That Will Make You Swoon (Daily Dream Decor)

Every personality is unique and our homes are a reflection of ourselves, so shouldn't the decor reflect who you are and who you want to be? Find out what your personality can say about how to pick an interior design style and make your home a perfect plac

Dreamy bedroom - and how to get the look - via cocolapinedesign.com

I love the look of this cozy and inviting bedroom styled for Stadshem. There is a nice balance between natural materials, textured fabrics and cute accessories in this room. The feather lamp gives an extra softness to the room and … Continue reading →