Treppenaufgang. Lange Dielen verlängern den Flur optisch.

47 Stair Railing Ideas

Love this glass panel, a fantastic way to let light stream through from the landing, down the stairs and into the hallway.

I like the simplicity of the first laundry. Also the stacking of washer/dryer.

Transform your laundry into a beautiful multi-purpose hub

eine schraknwand machen, und dort wo die jacken aufeghängt werden, geht man ins mauerwerkt und gewiist 30 cm, auch als offene graderobe

Wardrobes would be along RH wall as you come in front door, with recessed space for coats, and cupboards for bags and shoes

Design auf ganzer Linie - die begehbare Dusche! #fliesenliebe #homesweethome Mehr unter

Design auf ganzer Linie - die begehbare Dusche! #fliesenliebe #homesweethome Mehr unter

Küche weiß hochglänzend mit Altholz (von Atelier für Küchen & Wohnkultur Laserer)

Wohnideen, Interior Design, Einrichtungsideen & Bilder

All of us have at least a rough idea of how our dream house should look like. Therefore no matter what are you looking for, here you will find many examples of houses designed beautifully.

渾身のウォークスルークローゼット。 | 25坪等身大の小さなお家 ーローコストで、納得のいくお家ー

渾身のウォークスルークローゼット。 | 25坪等身大の小さなお家 ーローコストで、納得のいくお家ー

As Escadas Internas de Madeira vem sendo bastante utilizadas pelas pessoas, conheça 16 Modelos para inspirar você na hora de construir sua casa.

Escadas Internas de Madeira - 16 Modelos para inspirar