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A Mini Easel From Clothespins

It's easy and very cheap to make a mini easel from clothespins. You just need 6 clothespins, 1 stick and wood glue. The small easel can be u.

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DIY Button Bikes Such a cute idea for all those buttons you've collected multiples of. good idea for my Spin class buddies!

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DIY Satin Ribbon Bow with a Fork

Oh My Gosh, I've been fighting for pretty bows for my whole life, and they did it with a fork? That's some little mermaid stuff right there, lol.DIY Satin Ribbon Bow with a Fork

Mini Bouquet How-To - Photos by: Piteira Photography

Mini Bouquet How-To!

Mini Bouquet How-To – Found on Pepper and Buttons - Photos by: Piteira Photography would be cute for flower girls

oooo ~ fun!

I remember my grandparents made me little sets like this when i was little! Quirky Artist Loft: DIY Barbie Deck Chair from Clothes-Pins