An Ode To the Unsung Art of Anime Backgrounds

An Ode To the Unsung Art of Anime Backgrounds

Ghost in the Shell / sci fi cityscape / future city / tall buildings / skyscrapers / city lights / fantasy


How about in Kiev, Ukraine in a place called Andrews Descent? Recently reopened, photographer Elektraua shot photos of the

City Street

California Street in San Francisco / photo by Chris Chabot.the first time i drove in san francisco was quite nerve qracking but the city is one of the most interesting ive ever visited, immensely diverse.

Random Inspiration 69 | Architecture, Cars, Girls, Style & Gear

Random Inspiration 69

A series whereby I post the best content from our sister site, Linxspiration. If you would like to check out all the Random Inspiration posts go to –

Auckland City Street Life.

This is an image of a street in the a city. I will have something simular to this before the aliens attack.

Fisheye Lens Shopping Guide:

15 Examples of Surreal Photos Taken with a Fisheye Lens – PictureCorrect