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a woman reaching up into the air with her hands in the air and trees behind her
Mais uma vez sentimento
some very pretty plants in the middle of a big field with snow on it's ground
a person standing in the middle of a field surrounded by trees
birds flying over the ocean on a foggy day with waves crashing in to shore
three white leaves are shown against a white background
'Eucalyptus' Prints - Albert Koetsier |
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a woman in an orange dress holding flowers with her arms up and the words,'the older i get, the more i see how women are described as having gone
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a person standing in front of a fire with flames coming out of it and on the ground
pink and white flowers are growing in the sky
Neon 2
a person floating in the water with their head above the water and arms extended out
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a close up of a plant with snow on it
Winter frost - flower
some very pretty flowers in the snow with drops of water on their petals and stems
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a bunch of small flowers covered in ice and frost on top of each other,