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Waiting for Daddy Kids Fashion, Bebe, Beautiful Babies, Babe, Cute Babies, Baby Love, Babys
Waiting for Daddy
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Aria’s 4th Birthday | The Big Picture
two children looking out the window at each other
Eine interessante Idee für ein Portrait.
a woman sitting on a train looking at her phone
pisces aesthetic | Tumblr
She rode the subway, lying casually on the seat, taking advantage of the fact it was nearly empty at midnight.
two people sitting in a car with the words care for you
Kai and Rosa get stranded or have/want to head back to Detroit and Rosa says she'll buy train/bus tix. Kai wonders where the money came from. Rosa says it's the money she had when she started traveling, since she met Kai, she's only had to spend $10 total because Kai doesn't live with money.
a woman looking out the window of a bus at another person walking down the street
jürgen teller.
black and white photograph of man looking out window at train tracks in urban area with buildings
New York City, Third Avenue El, 1955
two women sitting at a table with notebooks and pens in front of a window
- letters
Cathy and Rose doing homework on the train ride from dancing competitions in Des Moines