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Nutella Filling for Hamantaschen - Use Nutella as a simple hamantaschen filling for Purim, straight from the jar. The easiest filling for hamantaschen, always a hit!

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I love Nutella! For those who are unaware, Nutella is a chocolatey hazelnut spread also in Ferrero Rochers. It tastes amazing with pita chips. And just curious: how do you pronounce Nutella? Nuh-tella, new-tella, or noo-tella?

Beautiful ^....^

Beautiful ^....^

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Makes everything better. Nutella shake- fat free milk, half of banana, tbsp non fat plain Greek yogurt (add more if you want it thicker), 2 tbsp nutella. ( I also used a few tsp of chocolate breakfast carnation powder and that was my breakfast)