Making a self-watering Hanging Basket  Helga Meyer, Illustration zum Thema Garten

Self-Watering Hanging Basket. This is perfect! I hate watering hanging baskets, lol.

how to grow tangerines from seeds

how to grow tangerines from seeds-The tangerine is undoubtedly one of the tastiest citric fruits and that’s why many people like it so much. It possesses an exquisite flavor and an amazing aroma that makes it irresistible. This cit…

Compost fence - intriguing idea for permaculture garden. The fence itself can be planted for a living screen.

GREAT cheap idea, especially for slow composting things like pruned branches and evergreen boughs"- perfect for the lower yard!

Guter Tipp zum Rosen pflanzen. Einfach den Stengel in eine Kartoffel und diese unter der Erde eingraben.

Growing Rose From Cutting. Push cut end of a rose stem into a potato. Plant the potato, with stem inserted into it, into ground! Might be worth trying!