Instructions for making a barrel into an outdoor sink...cute for the patio this website is dangerous.

Turn a wine barrel into an outdoor sink, or any other large barrel. Hose to sink or large water jug to sink, sink to barrel, barrel grey water to garden! Raise the barrel and add an outlet drain and small hose to drain grey water.

Clematis and bird house

vintage tin bird house A beauty of a birdhouse! Birdhouse Bird feeder & Bird house Giant bird of paradise

gorgeous garden nook

Gorgeous garden nook and rose covered pergola! Love this vine covered nook!

Wine Bottle Repurposing Ideas

DIY wine bottle bird feeder - If I used all my empty wine bottles the birds around our house would get FAT!

Pots & Ladders ~ My Painted Garden

grab and old ladder and put birdhouses, flowers in cool containers, outdoor figurines for a really neat display